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Is the Virtual Peer Group for You?

Are you a "1 in 100" CEO?
(or business owner, founder, president, partner, etc.)

After viewing the video, check out the curriculum that will be part of the peer group program by viewing the Peer Group page and the MBA Program page.

You can then go to the Pre-Enrollment page and fill out the form and submit it — whereupon the resulting page will have Dr. Lynn's Calendly where you can schedule a time to talk.  All of this is no obligation. 


Filling out the form indicates you have an interest in knowing more, asking questions and learning if this is for you. 


Groups are now forming and each has only 6 participants to keep them uniquely special where everyone learns with each other and helps their fellow CEO, business owner, partner, founder, etc learn new ways to be effective leaders, solve problems and overcome challenges to grow their business. 


The Hatch virtual peer group just may be the small group of confidential advisors that you'll have in your network for many years to come. 


Complete the form today and get started with Hatch.

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