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Privacy Policy

  • What information is collected:  When you interact with, we will collect only the contact information you provide.

  • Where information is collected from: If it is from our contact forms on this site, and is limited to the information that is provided in the fields you complete.  If it is through a sponsored ad in LinkedIn, it is through the forms LinkedIn provides for us to use.

  • Why information is collected: We collect your contact information to facilitate follow-up with you.

  • How information is collected: Information is collected through contact forms.  Our website is done through WIX and any cookies placed on your computer are not used for any specific purposes other than to view normal website site visit statistics and are not specific to any individual person.  

  • Who information is shared with or sold to: Your information is not used beyond and Lynn & Associates.  We do not share, rent or sell any information we collect.

  • What rights users have over their data: If you ever want your information removed from our database, we will do so upon written notice..

Thank you.  Dr. Jim Lynn

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