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Pre-Enrollment Process

The CEO Virtual Peer Group Offer

  • A Hatch peer group is a 90-minute Zoom® meeting held at the same time each month

  • Limited to just six CEOs — so you all get a chance to discuss real issues affecting your business

  • A special MBA-like training is included — the first 10 minutes is a short content lecture and learning session

  • You spend time each session working together as a group — giving and getting help as well as in a three person study group applying the skills to your organization

  • Facilitated by a consulting psychologist with 40 years of experience working with CEOs, owners , founders, and entrepreneurs

  • Fill out the enrollment form below — after which a Calendly link is provided so you can schedule a time for an interview with Dr. Lynn — all at no obligation

  • Let's find out if this is for you!

Please complete this short application form and schedule a 15 minute Zoom® call with Dr. Lynn to see if this kind of CEO peer group is right for you.

Please Complete the Following Form:

CEO Peer Group / MBA Application

Education Level
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