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How about a different kind of peer group?  An MBA type peer group! 

 You realize it’s time to get clear, get going and get the results you’ve been chasing. 

Hatch your personal growth plan now, with the help of a consulting psychologist. 

And, you do it by signing up for the virtual CEO Peer Group and Excelsior MBA Package.

What to Expect

The Hatch CEO Peer Group/MBA program is different. Those who are selected to join will participate in monthly meetings with five other CEOs.  Each session will start with educational content that will will challenge you to become a better leader.  The rest of the session will be about sharing what is happening in your organizations.  You will get the help and support you need.  

LOCATION: For the virtual monthly Peer Group meetings, choose a comfortable and quiet place where you can focus your attention on the training and the peer group discussions. All sessions are Zoom® meeting/video sessions.

CLICK HERE For Details About The Excelsior MBA Curriculum

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We Get It

When you run a business like yours, you need to get to the real important stuff faster. Get clear on what’s in the way.  Prioritize with the ONE THING to-do list. Commit to how you and your team will generate the focused results you’re targeting. Who has time for anything else?


You'll Feel It

Equipped with empowering self-knowledge and leading-edge leadership skills, you’ll confidently tackle real-world issues facing yourself and your organization. You’ll learn to apply your newly acquired skills by teaching your leaders the core concepts learned and getting breakthrough work done in your organization. Finally.

You're Ready For It

Hatch is a truly unique opportunity to connect and engage with a small group of 6 CEO like-minded peers and embark on a two-year journey of learning and growth for yourself and your organization.


Unlike traditional peer groups with upwards to 20 members requiring travel and sometimes a full-day time-commitment, Hatch Virtual CEO Peer Groups are about 1/3 the cost.  Your investment is $4,000 for the full year.


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